12 December 2008

lots of families

i've had a bunch of family shoots lately. i just want to thank the families for their patience, as i have been slightly behind with being so sick. but, i have been having slightly less "morning" sickness and a little more energy. anyway... here is a cute little family. we tried out a new location that i'd like to try again once the weather gets nicer. it'd be great with bright late afternoon light.







more families to come soon.
{thanks for looking}


Rhodes Trip said...


So sorry to bother you on your blog, but I am hoping I can plead my case for a little bit of your photography time during a designated day/time in the next few days.

I am desperately looking for a photographer who will give just a half an hour of their time and talent, which I will then take and use for our Christmas cards (haven't done XMas cards in 3 years due to work, life, etc.). I've been a designer for 10 years and really just need someone to take the pics and I can do the editing, etc. on the files for my needs.

If you are too busy or are not interested in this arrangement, I completely understand, but if I've peaked your interest in anyway, please respond back to my email I sent you Friday (12/12) morning.

Warmest regards,

Taryn Rhodes | Hillsboro, Oregon

Kimberly said...

They turned out great!!! Go you :)