13 December 2008

sneak peak

is this not one of the cutest little boys ever?



just in the middle of combing through piles of photos... and had to share.

{thanks for looking}


The Thornocks said...

awe, I know them! ;-) So cute, and so fun. I'm glad you're starting to feel at least a little bit better.

jamieschip said...

Love the pics of Hayden. You did a great job. I can't wait to see the rest! Also, congrats on the pregnancy. I hope you start feeling better. With #1 I was sick (barfing multiple times a day) until about 13 weeks, #2 it lasted about 16 weeks, #3 18 miserable weeks. So, I feel your pain. Try cinnamon gum. Starbursts worked for #2. Good luck!